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Andre I ve suggested to Ben that it would be a good idea to add subs on Webinars as well.He told me that you agreed on that.I make that post just to remind you because subs will really help especially when dyno is on ;)

Hi Vasilis,

Yes Ben and I discussed this and decided that it would be beneficial for those who don't speak english as a first language or simply for those that find my Kiwi accent too hard to understand :) We will implement this feature however i can't promise it will happen immediately. We'll announce when the feature is available.

I can understand your accent but I have some issues when dyno is on or when you are talking too fast and I miss useful information.Thanks a lot Andre

WOW! This is a really good idea, because my english is not so good.

Thanks for this!

English is also not my first language. I personaly feel Andre speaks a very clear and easy to understand english. It's much easier to understand than most Britains and Americans.

I think subtitels would have been a great for me personally some years back, when I hadn't understand english well. For that reason I think it's a great idee to add subtitles, which takes the language barrier lower.

Adrian,I really can not understand the reason for posting this.If you dont need subs it's ok.Go ahead and just watch webinars.I have problems when there is noise in the video(dyno on) so that's why I asked Andre to think of adding subs on Webinars.And he answered that he will add them but not immediately.I don't think it's a bad idea to help us with subs.And I know that it's time consuming for Andre and Ben to make that modification on the webinars

Hi Vasilis, post wasn't meant that I find that's a unnecessary thing! I just wasn't clear and written alot oftopic things. I have editet my post and hope you can understand now that I stand behind the idea. Just wanted to say that I was in the situation while subtitles would have been a great help, when I haven't understand english as good as today.

Hi Adrian.My post wasnt aggressive.I just didnt get what you wanted to say.Now it's clear.Andre will help us with the subs as soon as possible as he sais.See you around mate

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