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Suspension upgrade = better lap times?!

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A Question for the suspension guru's!

I am currently running some BC gold coil overs on a purely track Subaru Impreza, Would upgrading to some 2 or 3 way coil overs be much of a improvement?! Looking at KW Club sports.

The car has all the other roll bars, and lift kits etc installed already.

I am new to suspension and geometry, But feel I don't have the grip I should. Just looking to shave some time off my lap times.

unless you know how to adjust those coilovers then it might not help you much, did you corner balance the car? Tires and tire pressure might also need adjustment. Call BC they can revalve the dampers for you.

KW ClubSport should be a bit better than the BC Racing.

You should look are other brands too, like MCA suspension (they rocks at the WTAC, that must be for a reason)

But you don't improve time by just throwing "upgrade" parts, you have to choose them wisely !

I guess you already have a good set of tires, if not you should start here.

Keep in mind that at the end of the day the only parts than touch the ground are the tires. The compound but also the pressure have a massive influence on the grip.

Thanks the the info, Such a large open topic.

Currently I am running 255's FZ201 semi slicks on all fours. Currently using 30psi when up to temp. Corner weights have been done and the Geometry should be in the ball park, This was setup by some competent race guys.|


sounds like you have a good setup. also check out fortune auto as well

As Tommy mentions, it's nice to have independent bump, rebound and even high/low speed dampening adjustability but often this just serves to confuse unless you're already an advanced user and know how and why to make a certain adjustment.

I don't really have a horse in this race. Our 86 is fitted with BC Racing external reservoir two way adjustable coil overs and I'm not all that happy with their performance. In fact in my past experience I'd take a set of the stock BR series single adjustables over the externals. I've looked at the KW and they certainly get some great reviews. They aren't overly popular on this side of the world so I've yet to have any personal experience with them.

My pick on this side of the world would be MCA coil overs. They are hand built and valved to suit a specific application rather than being a generic solution that is fitted across a wide range of platforms as many of the current popular brands are.


Have been in touch with MCA, Looks like i may try some of their RED series shocks and see how they go.

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