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Toyota tercel 1.5L

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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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Link storm + launch control .got flames.

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Nice work! Just need to get some sausages and steaks and you could have a regular BBQ with those flames :)

Is this using the 5E motor ? if so, have you more details / pics of the build ?

Hello Androo26 I will lookup some pictures.engine been fully build.carillo rod and cp pistons arp bolts all around an lately racing cams been ad with a ported cyl head .vales are still factory and valve spring been upgraded and titanium Retainer.car been tune on pump and vp c85 and sofar whe been pushing it with 3 8psi boost with a PT5455 bb turbo.Link storm ecu just been installed with this new setup and also competition twin disc and dss axels and hub been upgraded.stil in testing with the link ecu and or second test out on the race track 3gear all tooth broke in a test run.sofar this car been with new setup 11.85et @ 138mph but the best et ever was 10.72et @139mph.

How many acceleration pulls that baby can handle without breaking something up? )))

Anyway that`s a good job, there is really no enthusiasts that can show the same result on low displacement toyota engines. Everybody love JZ`s )

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