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Hey Guys,

I'm a wiring guy first and foremost, Davel in a bit of tuning and base settings for my clients.

Recently I rewired a vehicle and kept the existing engine management system. Running a Microtech and Microtech ignitor, bosch coils. When I rewired the vehicle I changed from the antiquated dumb coil in favor of some IG1A smart coils. IMO much more common and easier to replace if need be these days.

The vehicle then went to a dyno shop for the first startup. I said let me know when the first start is happening and ill come down. Basically to check charge voltage, help set base timing, and be another pair of eyes in case of any leaks. Usually, I would be more than happy to be on the laptop for this but since it's Microtech, i have no idea nor do I want to know about the software so their tuner got on the laptop. He seemed to know what he was doing, he had even had this car on the dyno previously.

We started the vehicle, got up to running temp then coils started smoking. Turns out the spark edge was set wrong on the ECU. The setting must have been wrong for the last ignition setup then? That explains why they had also replaced multiple coils on the car before I touched it.

I then supplied them with some new coils, helped install them at no charge, and pointed them in the right direction as to why this has happened.

Now we are at a stalemate as to who should be paying for these replacement coils. As far as they are concerned this is not their fault.

I would just like to add that there were two engines blown up before I wired it. If the spark edge was wrong, could the timing potentially be wandering quite a lot at high rpm?

I love to get some opinions from professionals in the field.

Thanks :)

With the spark edge set incorrectly your spark will fire earlier than intended (equal to the dwell time) - So say probably 3 or 4ms earlier. Since the relationship between time and crank angle varies with RPM you will see significant ignition drift (advance) as RPM increases. It is hard to imagine they would have got away with running it like that previously. If set wrong, usually coils fry themselves fairly quickly as you have found, and the timing drift is so extreme it is hard to not notice.

As an example, if the base timing was set at idle, and the dwell was 3ms, then by 6000RPM your spark would be 110 degrees more advanced than commanded.

in my opinion this is the tuners responsibility not yours to set the spark edge correctly he is the tuner

and nothing you have done or the customer has been the cause of the coils frying

Regards Ross

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