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Using HPA Youtube videos at work.

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Hi Andre and Ben.

I don't get here much this year, working for a living takes up most of my time now but I just thought I'd let you know that your Youtube channel is an invaluable resource and a great advertisement for HPA. I am currently working, as a casual, at a Trade College teaching Automotive and have used videos from your YouTube channel a few times to help get information, and back up what I am teaching, across to my students. The free lesson on Micrometers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyT1gC9Ns4c has been especially invaluable to me because I have been stressing the importance of doing things in logical steps and writing things down. In the micrometer video Andre clearly demonstrates this and helped back up a very important step I have been reinforcing with my students.

I have also showed all my Auto class' your website and encouraged them to take a look at it.



I've linked people to the E85 MBT spark video on Youtube.

Yes the MBT video is another good one that I will probably use when I get my class' to ignition systems. The really good thing about these videos is how well concepts are explained and the practical evidence provided that supports the explanation.

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