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video diagnostics anyone?

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hey everyone i hope this is in the right section but im having issues with my engine, some say its piston slap, some say its rod knock, if someone could shed some light that would be awesome. im willing to pull the engien out but i wanna make the right decision before i go any further. heres a video of it on my youtube channel. anything would help me right now.


thanks again for any input or help


By the sound of that I would say its a run bearing.

To be "Piston Slap" that bad it would have to have huge piston to bore clearance, resulting in burning engine oil and lower compression.

Also if sounds like its only on 1 cylinder.

Im pretty confident that's a bearing issue. Pull your oil filter off and cut it open, you should find bearing material in it.

x2 quite severe to be piston slap... should have given it a rev in the video to hear what its like on accel and decel.

But id say bearing...

I had a similar noise once where a new clutch was fitted and the cover was just touching the bellhousing at one point. But this had a non factory gearbox conversion so assuming yours is a normal setup then more unlikely

Thank you guys for the input i know this isnt a repair forum and i totally appreciate all your help. here is another clip i took today i noticed when i keep the RPMs at a constant 1700 RPM it gives me a lot of noise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Agyia3iL0I

Once again i really appreciate the help!

Ken Shinoda

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