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"Virtual Dyno" - estimate your power from analyzing datalogs

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I just saw this online. I just bought a really old friction type chassis dyno that I might not be able to get to read out power figures anymore. If I can't, I figure I may able to still use the roller dyno to power run 4th gear on it while logging the data with HP tuners and load it into virtual dyno. I wonder how accurate it will be if I change the ignition timing a few degrees though. Any thoughts?

I don't understand how a dyno can't read power unless it's a broken/useless dyno. If it can measure torque and rpm, it can calculate power. If it can measure power it can back calculate torque (inertia type dyno). Why would you buy a broken dyno? Why not fix it or not buy it at all?

I need some help with virtual dyno. How do i get it to work with haltech elite ?


you only need to upload ur log into Virtual dyno software. and change the setup of the software which suit ur car ( like gear ratio & tire size , etc )

if you search around google you will find more info about how to use it.

Does anybody know how to edit Fueltech logs to fit to the virtual dyno? Just curious...

I gave it a try but there were a lot of errors and it didnt worked.

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