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Wiring of Light and Break Switches.

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I am in the process of building a GT40 with a Tesla as a road car.

It will have MoTeC PDM and Display so I am keeping away from the old switches of the 1960s and going to a more modern dash.

I have purchased so far a couple of switches on Ebay that I thought would do the job, see photo. Although the products did not come with plugs I can make them with parts from a good electronic shop, Altronics.

I then thought it would be simple enough to use a multi meter on the pins and note when a circuit is made across all the combinations of pins, using ohm setting.

The answer that I had hoped for was clearly not as simple as I had expected, (not like my old Mk1 Sprite). When looking inside the switches there is quite a lot of electronics that again says to me that it is not a simple switch.

Has anybody got an idea how to wire these switches into my car. Or alternatively a supplier of simple switches that could be used instead of the items that I purchased.

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Any identifying data on the switches as to make or model, or indication of what vehicle they're supposed to fit?

Thanks for quick reply I have a few.

[color=#333333; text-decoration-line: none]Black Headlight Fog Light Switch Cover For Audi A6 4B C5 AVANT S6 2002-2005[/color]

Car EMF Parking Brake Control Switch 61319148508 For BMW E70 X5 E71 E72 X6

Electric Wing Mirror Switch Adjuster Knob For Renault ABS Plastic 8200109014

I have another light switch similar to the first with a light sensor but can't find the spec. 5 x 2 plug on the back. Photo attached

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Automatic Headlight Sensor and Switch for Golf mk5 mk6 Tiguan Passat B6 Touran Jetta MK5.

Ah, you've a good start on it. What I'd suggest is checking on-line for wiring diagrams for the vehicles the switches are fitted to (bit busy now), getting friendly with your local dealer(s), and/or seeing if you can look at a copy through your local library (they may be able to order manuals in) and making copies of their wiring diagrams.

It's a hassle, but unless you can find a pin-out elsewhere it's the best option as you can do a wire trace for function.

I have an idea. I will see soon if it works. Strip out all the fancy electronics of the board. Find the connections on the board that go to each pin and contact strip and connect them together with a jumper wire. Then I have an old fashioned, simplistic switch. The MoTeC will then do the clever stuff. I will let you know if I manage to get it to work. There will be a description on my web page if it works.

http://jamescooper.com.au/GT40E/GT40E.html probably under build history.

Thanks for your help anyway.

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