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AEM PDU-8 Pinouts

PDM Installation & Configuration

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As always, greetings to everyone from Panama and in advance, thanks for the help.

Ok I would like you to help me understand the description of the AEM PDU-8 pinouts.

In the image below file, you will see that pin 5 and pin 11 say (ground), I want to know if that is the ground of the device?

The other question is:

should i connect the two?

The next thing I don't understand is:

In the case of pin 10 and 16 the name is Config 3 and config 2, what does it mean? It also says that its function is (ground for Unit's 3,4,7 and 8), where should I connect that pin?

what is that for (ground for Unit's 3,4,7 and 8).


NOTE: I am not an expert with English. sometimes i use google translator my native language is spanish.

thanks for the patience.

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Can't help at the moment, sorry, I've been out of the loop too long - for those that can, here is the full pin-out from AEM, of which that is a part - https://www.aemev.com/files/instructions/10-8300-EV%20PDU-8%20Instructions%20Rev3.pdf

Thanks for the complete pinouts, I have it, what I would like to know are the questions I asked in the first post

For the Config pins (10-16-24), it assigns an ID to the PDU-8 depending on which one is grounded. There's a table at page 7 of the manual that explains how to connect those pins.

If you are only using 1x PDU, you just leave those disconnected.

For the ground pins 5 and 11, I think they are the ground of the devices, but I never used this AEM product. I would connect both to ground.

Hope it helps,


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