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Key bord PMU/ECU

PDM Installation & Configuration

Relevant Module: PDM Practical Discussion > Control Pad Setup

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My question is, is it possible to use the Key pad to communicate whit the PMU AND ECU?

I am doing a full wiring harness whit Ecu master PMU 16 and Ecu master ecu black.

If CAN communication to key pad is possible to both, how to Do it, i Can't figure it out.

For exemple I wanned a cruze control and lunch control that come from the ecu on the Key pad and puting some PMU supply accessoires ....

Have you contacted ECU Master to ask for help? They are the most motivated to help you. Tell them in detail what you want to do, and ask for details on what is needed to make it happen.

Good Luck!

Provided they are all on the same baud rate bus, yes.

The PMU also has a neat feature where you can copy the keypad CAN data from CAN1 to CAN2. Alternatively you can always write custom messages to send from one device to another.

As David mentioned ECUMasters and your dealer should be happy to help.

I'll also add that the information from the CAN keypad goes out on the CAN bus so any device on it can see that. As long as the PMU and ECU are on the same physical CAN bus, they both have access to the info. Furthermore, the PMU can also send CAN messages giving you the option of triggering ECU behavior based on the status of channels in the PMU.

Thank a lot guys!

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