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Pdm choice for restomod

PDM Installation & Configuration

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I just bought a 1964 Chevy C10. The drive train currently works well. However, the wiring is all kinds of messed up. No auxiliaries or dash info is set up, brake lights and turn signals don’t work, I see open wires all over the place. I want to replace the whole wiring harness. Figure it’s a perfect time to consider a PDM. In the long run I am considering converting the truck to an EV. I would do this in three phases.

Phase 1: replace wiring harness with PDM or other recommended device and set up instrument cluster, lights, signals, etc.

Phase 2: add electric auxiliaries such as heat, AC, new electric brake system, power steering, and other creature comforts. Will add an alternator/battery system to accommodate these.

Phase 3: eventually change out the ICM drivetrain for an electric drivetrain.

First question: does this plan sound reasonable? Any changes or recommended or thoughts? Things I may be missing?

Second question: which PDM or device out there should I start with?


PDMs - to me - tend to have weird quirks that makes me first look at whatever engine management ecosystem the car is running and then lean towards whatever PDM they offer. I've also had issues crop up when doing full body 'street' builds - many PDMs have slightly too few channels (for me) and most have weird niggles when deploying multiple I've been able to do some hack-y things to make them work.

Since you're planning on changing it up completely down the line, however, I really like AiM PDM32s for an agnostic system. AiM and its software has its own issues but I've been very happy with the solutions I've come up with when using them over most others.

Thanks for the response. No ECU in the truck currently, so I get to start from scratch essentially. With that in mind would you still recommend the AiM PDM32? I was considering an AEM PDM, then adding the AEM VCU when I convert the drivetrain to electric. Have you worked with their products before?

The first thing you need to review is how many loads you plan on switching via the PDM, what their individual current draw will be and how you want to switch them.

Once you have this information you will be able to determine which PDM is suitable for your application.

If you want to integrate it with an engine controller then you should consider how flexible the CAN configuration is as some PDMs are essentially slave devices to a brands ECU and can't operate standalone.

That last point is very important, so you may be better to look at the VCU(?) options and see what's available that will meet your needs there, then selecting the PDM/s that is/are going to be compatible with that/those option/s.

Sounds like a great project!

Personally I've not had any issues using one brand PDM with other brand ECU or dash, but some options are better and more flexible than others.

When you convert to EV, you'll have a 12V system within the larger electrical system, so the PDM can certainly still function.

Thank you for the info guys!

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