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PMU to EMU black map blending

PDM Installation & Configuration

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EMU black, PMU-16, ADU7, 12 button keypad, isolator, whole nine yards in a drift car. Nissan S13, LS3 with a DBW throttle, today I setup a 'rain mode' on DBW map 2, as the car has a really light flywheel and a dog box so it responds really fast.

This worked really well, dulled down the throttle, car became easier to drive once the driver got used to the behavior of the throttle and it spends less time banging on the limiter.

Currently the map switching is just on-off, using a keypad button and sending data to the ECU via CAN SW#4. Button is latched, ECU switches to map 2 and that's rain mode.

What I want to do is have 3-5 settings from knife edge to plastic butter knife, and the Black has the ability to blend the 2 tables for DBW characteristic, even non-linearly. But it's looking for a 0-5V voltage via an analogue in or a CAN analogue input and I don't know how to fake that.

linked is a test map with my idea using a table, can anyone confirm that setting the table as a voltage will get me the result I'm after? I never seem to get a ton of time with the car so any homework I can do before hand is great.


The best would be to use a rotary for that, but I'm curious if it's doable the way you set it up.

No promises, but I have a PMU I can use for this kind of test, I'll try to find some time and test it over the weekend.

Would appreciate it Frank!

If I have time this week I'm going to CAN sniff the difference between a 0-5V signal via can and my proposed solution and see if the data sent is the same

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