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Simple PDM question

PDM Installation & Configuration

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Hi guys,

I currently had an ECUmaster EMU Black built into my car, and the next step i want to go through this winter is the installation of a PDM, specifically the PMU also from ECUmaster.

I noticed they have the PMU16 but i think i also heard they are coming out with a PMU8?

My question is, how do you determine how many inputs/outputs you need for the PMU? Im going to be buying the PDM installation course too, but before i dive into this i would like to understand how many outputs i would need.

I have a pretty basic car which is turned into a track car, with almost all the unneccesary electrics taken out like power windows and such.

The only ''luxurious'' think i would like to keep working is my electric door locks with the remote control function. But if this will be too big of a pain in the ass im comfortable with ditching it.

For the rest it would just be basic things like engine/ecu ofcourse, wiper motor in the front only, 1 small electric fan for interior heating and your normal lighting that you need on a road legal car.

You need to list everything that needs power (12V).

Some stuff you can wire together (depends on their current draw and if they can be powered together, for example, you can't wire the radiator fan with fuel injector's because fans will be on at a specific condition that you will setup on the pdm software).

If your car is pretty basic but you have transmission oil pump, lots of fuel pumps and so on, probably you will need 2 ECU master PDM.

Hi Haruki.tutia

I don't have anything fancy like that. No transmission oil pump, only 1 in-tank fuel pump (uprated one so will draw more than a stock one i presume).

For the rest it will just be the minimum of lights i need for being street legal so

- 2 park lights

- 2 main lights (xenon)

- 2 high beams

- 6 turn signals (front, side, rear) with hazard function

- 2 rear lights

- 2 brake lights (21/5W bulbs so rear/brake combined)

- 1 3rd brakelight LED

- 1 reverse light

- 1 rear fog light

- 2 license plate lights LED

- Then i have the basics needed for engine like the radiator fan you already mentioned and the things to keep the engine running. Nothing fancy exotic stuff to see here.

- I also plan on putting ABS on my car from BMW MK60e

- I have a small fan/radiator in my interior to defog the windscreen, but it's the size of a computer fan so won't draw much current.

- I would like to keep my powered door locks working with remote function.

- 1 front wiper motor

- 1 Ecumaster ADU5

- I also have an electric lock for my trunk, but im thinking about changing that to aerocatches.

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