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Turn signals and brake lights?

PDM Installation & Configuration

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Sooooo, long time listener, first time caller.

I'm running an ECUMaster PMU16 in my '72 Cadillac (also MS3Pro, Ecumaster 12 button keypad, Ecumaster switchboard v3 for the steering wheel and a gazillion other rad things). I think I've got most of my chassis lighting figured out for everything but how the brakes/turn/running lights work on the rear. I have 2 sets of dual function bulbs on each side. The problem I can't seem to figure out is the following:

Let's say you have the headlights on which means the running lights are on (so all 4 bulbs are in low state), you hit the brakes so all 4 bulbs go high, and you hit the left turn signal. So I'd need the right bulbs to stay bright and the left ones to go H/L.

Right now I'm thinking I can just do the brakes on the top bulbs and the turn signals on the bottom. Ideally I'd rather have the entire enclosure blink and turn off the brake light on that side. No idea how to accomplish this.


I had never looked at the ECUMaster PMU Software previously, but this was pretty easy to setup. You just need to use a combination of inputs, flash function, and formula-ouput logic functions. See if this makes sense

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