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wiper motor wiring

PDM Installation & Configuration

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I am completely rewiring an old Fiat and I have now come to the wiper motor. I would like to check if I got this down correctly.

I am using a Hardwire PDM25+ which has the following connection diagram for the PDM.


The following is a wiring diagram for the wiper circuit in my old Fiat. The wiper motor is in the lower right of this diagram.


My take on this is the following:

F on the wiper motor goes to GND

PARK SWITCH on the wiper motor goes to an input on the PDM

INT on the wiper motor goes to the LOW output on the PDM

D on the wiper motor goes to the HIGH output on the PDM

31 on the wiper motor also goes to GND

Does this look correct?

Sorry, but I can't see the images clearly enough to say. Hopefully someone with better eyes can assist.

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