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Camber & cornerweight

Practical Corner Weighting

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Just trying to understand why camber affect on corner weight is explained by pressure change?

If I'm go to bathroom scales and stay on whole foot, then stay only on my foot fingers (or stay at one foot only)- scales reading will not change, right?

As I understand camber may affect weight disctribution by changing height of corner or end of the vehicle.

Could you please explain it?

I would also appreciate some additional input on this point. The load on the tire will indeed change, due to the smaller area, but will the weight of this corner also be affected?

I'm still working my way through the course, but I think I already passed the point where he talks about this, if he revisits it later I'll edit this post to follow their examples closer.

We can pretend tires are 2d... mostly square shapes when viewed from the front of the car. The OD of the tire in this case is 22", and 7" wide. If we add in 17.7 degress of camber to it, the vertical height of the tire is 23.09", so it's longer. While it will be masked fairly well in the bushings, tire stiffness, and springs, the 17.7 degrees of camber will force the vehicle to lift up 0.54" on that corner. The change in height is what will change the various corner weights, not the change in pressure on the scale.

The air pressure in the tire can have the same affect. If we pump it up to 70 PSI or something silly, the assumed flat portion of the squares start to curve outward like a motorcycle tire, lifting the car up. If under inflated at say, 10 psi, the tire carcass will collapse to some degree, lowering that corner.

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This sounds reasonable.... thanks!

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