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Corner weighting in regards to utvs or sxs's

Practical Corner Weighting

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Hey guys,

I race short course in my Polaris rzr. I'm going to corner weight my rig. Has anyone else done it that knight have some insight. I know with 16 plus inches of suspension travel its most likely a little different then setting up a car. Little background about my set up. 2014 poalris rzr xp1000 unlimited turbo car. My ride height is 10.5 inches in the front and 11 in the rear. We run a dual rate spring setup I. The rear and single coil in the front. Shocks are valued for shortcourse suspension is super stiff. I run my sway bar super soft up front and stiff in the rear. The rzr handles like it's on rails. I attached a picture of my initial weights. Lmk I'd like some input. Thanks in advance.

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Rather outside my experience, and I expect most here, so this may be less than useful, but...

For best grip, this is normally achieved by loading the tyres equally across the axle, and the weight/load transfer is a function of the CoG height and the vehicle's track.

What are the track conditions like - relatively smooth or do they get very rutted? I ask because the usual suspension setup seems to favour travel and lifting the chassis, to both absorb impacts and landings over jumps and gain ground clearance over broken/rocky ground.

If it stays relatively smooth, you should be able to lower it to reduce the CoG height - ensuring that there is still adequate clearance under full compression - and more evenly load the tyres. If there aren't hard impacts or severe landings over yumps, you may need less suspension travel if you soften the high speed compression damping to absorb the hits.

If you think it's worth checking this thinking out, you should be able to run some soft "helper" springs to prevent unseating, and some stiffer main springs.

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