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Front wheel circle track set up

Practical Corner Weighting

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What would you recommend a set up be for a front wheel drive asphalt circle track left hand turn. From crossway to front and back inside percentage distribution?

Hi Nathan, I have to say that I am not an expert in circle track racing, so I really can't give you a sensible answer here with any certainty. Any other RaceCraft members with circle track experience out there that have a starting point for Nathan? 🤙

I posted general guidelines in your other post, as there are dozens of more specific factors to take into account depending on the track characteristcs, vehicle characteristics, tyre and wheel options and limitations, and that's the start.

As most of the load priority is going to be focussed on getting the most out of the front tyres, you're going to be looking at evenly loading them in either a straight line - acc'n and braking, or in cornering - this will be down to the best balance in the track(s) used. The most common ways are to bias the vehicle's weight to the inside and back to the best point for cornering balance, with the inner rear JUST skimming/lifting from the surface, for both traction in a straight line and from the apex of the corner.

Some motorsport regulations limit the inner bias to 60%, some allow more, but remember - the more inner bias the greater the chance of flipping the vehicle if swerving or over-correcting to the 'outside'.

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