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2005 lly

Practical Diesel Tuning

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I scanned a bit to see if anyone else has ever ask for this kinda of help I didnt look real hard but anyways, I was wondering if I can post the tune I made as I watched the 2005 lly example section This truck was a lb7 I did a full engine swap the harnesses all and all the needed parts, so I scanned and scanned for stock tunes ran a couple different ones to find what in my opinion was the best I even was able to get it to pass smog without going to a ref. I was wondering if I can post my tune here or send it to someone that could review it and just give me a heads up on whether it checks out to be safe or not. The truck runs great ive made a few by following along but for some reason the de fuel on all of them except the first one I made has been very aggressive. Also one thing I know I messed up on is the Maf scaling, so I did the 56% to increase the maf scale and I think that was wrong from some things I had read before. Its been a rollercoaster I first started with a pieced together intake made out of two lb7 ones and I did not change maf at that point, but then I was able to obtain a factory LBZ intake as well as the mouthpiece to the turbo. That is when I changed my maf scaling so correct me if im wrong but I changed from the +56% and did +50%. It now seems to be more balanced through out the power before it felt really fast but not as consistently smooth like it does now. Unfortunately through all of this my worst nightmare at the moment I think I popped my headgasket which I know with the years and all the heatcycles it was bouned to happen anyways, just giving a little of the story on it. So any help is greatly appreciated!


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