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2006 5.9 in 3500 dodge

Practical Diesel Tuning

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all stock it runs 1250-1300 egt (f) 100 % throttle and 600-1000 egt at 25% throttle with cheata 63 mm trubo it rums 1200 egt 100% and 600-950 egt 25% throttle put new 30% DDP injector in 1300-1250 egt 100% throttle 600-1200 25-35% throttle with stock file for 2006 with old Billy dog it run 600-800 egt at 25-35 % throttle and a1250 egt max at 100% throttle 200-400 egt off throttle timing marks is set dead on GORDON (has tuned 6500-7000 trucks and had no issue and some race trucks ) attempted to tune after 3 attempts to tune it for tow tunes foe 38f gooseneck at 30'000 ponds he cud not get to run cooler than 1400F 25-50 % throttle with 6500 total load on tow tune and 1600-1650 at 50% throttle on bigger tune in 2-4 truck lengths said truck is untenable i have changed 2 new edt probes same reading and gauge has eflive with stock tune at 25% throttle it adds to pilot injection and very little to main injecion if you are at 2200-2500 rpm and 15-20psi boost egt is 700-850 egt and at 1500 rpm 10 -14 psi bost it is at 950-1150 egt on flat ground no load any idea for to be so hot

Uk, it would help A LOT if you were to edit that with actual sentences, and maybe a paragraph break or two.

Assuming the timing is correct, as I think you said, and not retarded which would increase EGT, my best guess from the information given is the engine is running too rich. There seems to be no mention of lambda values, but that's where I would start.

TBH, I'm surprised you haven't melted the turbine blades - or perhaps you have and they're partially the cause of the high EGTs because of added restriction.

Front timing cover has been pulled all time in Markes lineup. Perfectly piston is at top dead center with both rockers loose engine is six month of 2006 supposedly has a larger overlap with exhaust and intake valve open which is supposed to raise exhaust temperatures for emissions the guy I got the truck from bought it at a lot that he either had the engine rebuilt or replaced with the junkyard engine engine block date is September 2005 TrUck supposedly has about 90,000 on rebuilt or replaced they thought the cranky had slid taken it out of time. Key is fine fault whoever put the cam in may have got it a tooth Advance or retarded lines up. Perfect. ET sensor is located in manifold right before turbo after first three cylinders is where the high ratings are stock injectors 100° less or remand parts store in injectors previous owner had put in

is the ECM that fires injector three times post main and pilot post is supposed to be for emissions which raises exhaust temperature. If you go to the graphs and turn off all post injection occurrences does not change EGT running down the interstate 70 mile an hour you’re running 15 to 25 pound boost Running 600-800° only thing anybody around here can think is maybe they installed small dish instead of large dish pistons which would cause it to burn the fuel out of the chamber. After order a smaller inspection scope I have won’t fit .5 mm to small

All temperatures 1300 and above have been kept to short burst of a few seconds

i have a new egt 2-2000 on order replace the one in truck and lambda on order it reads .415-1.429 lambda from auto meter. the truck has 5in ex and s&b cool air no black smoke some light gray smoke at 100% throttle. the turbine blades look perfect and the one that came off the with 90,000+ miles on rebuild or replace 5.9 run up to 1300 egt look good truck has 240,000 miles. has anyone had a issue from ecm or module on top of cp3 in late 06 and early 07 causing this problem ? the ecm is showing timing is correct with factory mapping and showing that all lambda are 1.25 and below. it has had 2 driftnet versions of the stock 325hp tune flashed no change in egt. 6 shops have looked at it and have no idea. DYNMITE DIESEL PERODUCYS INC said they put same new bosh 30% injectors and fleece cheetah 63 mmcompressor wheel (fpe-351-04007) and run 1000-1200 egt load and 750-800 egt empty


I'm sorry but I'm having a very hard time following your posts. There's a lot of information and it could use some line spacing and organization (hope I don't come off as a jerk here). Gordon L is a friend of mine and capable tuner, so none of this is meant to subvert his assessment - only to help.

4 Things:

1- You say timing is correct on multiple occasions. The timing we mean is not mechanical timing, it's injection timing which changes with load and RPM. Usually advancing injection timing will lower EGT's (to a point). Traditionally it's possible to advance injection timing to lower EGT's until engine noise becomes objectionable. If engine noise/rattle isn't noticable while the EGT's are climbing then there's most likely room to advance timing.

2- You haven't mentioned whether or not the truck has been boost tested. We use these to verify there are no boost leaks on the truck. Boost leaks will dramatically raise EGT. https://duramaxtuner.com/boost-tester.html

3- You want higher lambda (1.2+) to lower EGT, not lower lambda.

4 - Check out this article we did on EGT vs load on our turbo lineup. It should give you an idea of what's normal. http://dieseltunersblog.com/?_hsmi=292210635&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-_emUP_lnKqiEts4zrHeSuBVqz0fLW383BGToHtDvi12W047YzvtzLPLmJJPsejFANMGlsgDcMjzuY-au467pFKurz5Ig

have not tested for boost leak yet. but it has 45 psi boost at 3/4 throttle and above and 20 psi at 1/4 throttle at 2000 rpm. measured by machanical gauge inserted into intake manifold

engine file is stock 06 file running 1400egt with light load 1300egt no load with 45 psi boost has a boost fooler to keep computer from shutting off boost and fuel when goes over 35 psi

I'll need you to positively verify the absence of boost leaks before we continue. 85% of the trucks that come through my shop have boost leaks. They all make power and boost on the gauge. Boost leaks kill driveability and towing performance. If I were a betting man...

The only reliable test involves pressurizing the inlet of the turbo. You don't have to buy mine, but you do have to test.


no boost leaks was cheeked

it has been torn down and getting in framed since the motor only has 90,000 miles on it. with new parts listed new stage 4 fire ring head ,new banks intercooler kit, hamilton cam kit 178/208 with 103 springs in frame kit.

Cummins master teck grade 3 at Cummins allows that 6 month of 2006 to 4 month 2007 has a large valve overlap (internal egr) deferent pistons valves and turbo wheel to withstand the higher egt to meet EPA requirements in usa to try to meet 2008 emissions

the towing cam removes the valve overlap and lowers egts by 300 degrees

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