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6.7 Cummins Quick Spool

Practical Diesel Tuning

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Whats the best approach to spool a turbo quicker without touching vgt tables but letting the truck do it itself since VGT position is self learned? Would that be the expected air charge reference tables?

Not a diesel chap, but for those that are, might help if you gave some more info' on exactly what you're trying to do?

If you're logging VGT position and the truck is not on the maximum VGT upper limit then yes, commanding more airflow should push the vanes further closed and mover more air. It sounds to me like maybe your fuel rate is not well calibrated if you need to do this. A holset VGT should come to life pretty quick.

More context would be helpful, like Gord said.

Thanks for answering, this truck has big injectors and a big VGT turbo so my goal is to get as much airmass as possible before it dumps all fuel.

In terms of getting the turbo spooled up, if there's a backpressure desired table controlling vane behavior, requesting more brackpressure will improve spoolup if the vanes aren't already closed enough to generate as much backpressure as you'd want. Be careful not to induce dangerously high backpressure while doing this.

In terms of fueling, it sounds like adjusting max fueling may be more what you're looking for.

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