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New to tuning and looking to adjust some shift points and TC full lock points on my '19 Ram with HPT. When I datalog the truck the RPM and TPS it actually shifts at seems to be way higher than what the tables say, same thing with partial to full lock points being way different than what the tables say. Just wondering if I'm looking at something incorrectly or if the mapping of the tables is way off. I had tunes from Kory Willis and had him adjust shift points and he seemed to have the same problem of the changes he was making not actually doing anything in the tune. It was a lot of back and forth and from what he told me, it turned out HPT had the mapping wrong for that part number. Curious if anyone has ran into this or if Nick maybe has some tips or insight for it. Thanks


I'm not sure if you picked up on the description where it calls out that the shift points are setup by output shaft speed (not RPM). You can either log TOS or divide engine RPM by the gear ratio you're working in to convert to TOS.

Let me know if this gets you closer.


When I log it, the output shaft speed shows as RPM that closely follows engine RPM. I’ll try converting it to see where that gets me and let you know. Thanks

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