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Calcule SOI EDC17C50 BMW

Practical Diesel Tuning

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Hello everyone,

I have my brain in compote at the moment,

I am polishing a mod on A BMW 116D 116ch F20 ECU EDC17C50

I explain myself, I try to take a maximum while respecting a certain calculation.

The car is full stock,

I give you an example to see if my development is good.

Map rail pressure: 65mg at 3000rpm I have a perssion of 2000bar

TI: 95mm3 (therefore 95 x 0.835 = 79.3mg/stroke) at 3000rpm= 791.2 us

SOI: 70mg at 3000rpm = 8 degrees advance

So I convert my 3000rpm to degrees,

so that's 50tr/sec, 1tr = 0.20sec (20,000us); knowing that 1 tr is 360 degrees, so it will take 55.5 us for 1 degree

For an injection time of 791.2us at 3000rpm it takes 14.25 degrees

I get my EOI by adding my TI (in degrees of course) to my advance which was 8 degrees = 6.25 degrees

knowing that we can reach an EOI ranging between 8-10 degrees

If I make a larger request in mg then I modify my TI by extrapolating the base values, then my calculation above EOI to check am I correct?

thank you in advance for your help

usualy for this ecu (stage1) You dont need big adjustments in SOI. normaly - 5-10%. usually from factory soi maps are +/- ok.

check shape of map (SOI) if soi values are reducing in higher injection, than You need to adjust that map. Also check soi limiters.

I suggest to work more on torque limiters, gear limiters.

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