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Compressor surge, how to fix it.

Practical Diesel Tuning

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So, i am running a bmw diesel. I am getting great power figures with a very decent aftermarket turbocharger. However, I am having issues with quite violent surge after closing the throttle from time to time. In a petrol a BOV would be the solution, but is there any way to sort this on a diesel, apart from bringing the boost down?

There's not much you can do aside from transmission tuning to avoid lugging in that part of the rev range or like you said (turning the boost down). I've used a couple different types of electronic BOV's in various large turbo diesel projects, none with any success. They all seem to seep boost when they're not supposed to.

FWIW, one surge letting off will probably not be the death of the turbo, it's the continuous surge under load that kills parts.


Thank you for your answer Nick, appreciated it. And you just saved me the money buying an electric BOV, as I was considering it. I had to pull the boost down a bit, it sounded to bloody violent going off the throttle at times, I've heard it's not really possible, but felt like the compressor was stalling for a second. 2500Usd turbochargers is painful to blow to often.

yeah i am in the same boat i want to control boost at different RPM on a Gated Spring turbo on a diesel engine..... i am confused how do other diesel shops use gated spring turbos on a Diesel engine that came with a VNT turbo ?


It's a relatively straight-forward task on most Diesel VNT platforms to go in and disable the diagnostic trouble codes along with any overboost/underboost limiters in order to run a fixed geometry turbocharger. The harder work as a tuner is to go from fixed geometry to to variable.

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