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Cummins SOTF Explanation

Practical Diesel Tuning

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Any idea how people get the orginal files for these cummins ecms? as efi live doesnt read the CMF computers, is it just a file people collect over time? I do have some stock files just got them from other people, after you do have a stock file how do you enable CSP SOTF, ive done it with the L5P with hp tuners and its self explantory, just wondering if efi live is the same, ive never had to use a stock file as ive always had my truck previously tuned by a company so sotf is already added. I might be asking questions unrelated to the course as its not really talking about software but just thought you probably know.

There's a custom calibration tab in your EFILive Editor. From there you can apply patches to upgrade your single tune to a CSP or DSP file. It's pretty straightforward. EFIlive also has an import tool that allows you to bring in calterm files which are where most Cummins stock files originate.

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Have any insight on to why I am not able to import the bin file created by xcal convertor? Says there is no cam file and the checlsums are zeroed.

I would suggest opening a ticket with EFILive or posting in their forum. I'm guessing it has something to do with the size or identification header and possibly their software not recognizing the file for what it is.


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