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Diesle ECU pulling timming low power low EGT's ?

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I everyone i have a 2018 ford ranger 3.2 Auto and its running Low EGT's and ECU is pulling timing ? anyone know why would a Diesel pull timing for ? what should i start looking for ? checked EGT sensors and boost leakdown test but nothing there...cleaned MAF with correct MAF CRC spray and MAP sensor....still nothing runs the same on sligthly low power and low EGT's....Also cleaned Air intake temp sensor still no luck.

We may need a little more information to solve this one. What RPM/Load (mm3) scenario is the ECU pulling timing and how many degrees are being pulled?

Common timing modifiers I've seen are ECT and IAT.

i cant seem to find the data log file from when the car was running perfect with no issues, is there a way i can log in HP tuners to look for desired fixed table command Versus the actual timing the ecu is giving to the injectors ?

Also alot of people online HP tuners says Fuel and Timing is only figured out by STRICTLY MAF sensor nothing else ? ..... i really disagreed and argued the point with the people on HP tuners forum that No that cant be ? why would our Ford rangers have a IAT sensor for ? or Exhaust gas temperature sensor ? they all said to see crazy 800 degree EGT's so the ecu can put the car in Limp mode and the same idea with IAT sensore when the IAT sensor see's crazy Inlet air temps the care will be put into limp mode and the IAT sensor and EGT sensor is only there for fail safe and Limp modes ?

again i really disagree with them considering the EGT sensor can be used as a oxygen sensor to help understand if the fuel is getting burnt and how to slight add or remove fuel to help with power and economy....same thing with the IAT sensor i can soo see how lower IAT can be an indicator of where a bit of fule can be added for more power to maximize the benefit of colder air inlet temperatures.

can anyone help ? i'm soo lost i dont know where to look

Nick mentioned your ECT (Engine Coolant Temp). Does it seem reasonable? Doesn't read abnormally high does it?

Pulling timing - diesel or petrol/gasoline - will usually increase EGT, as more energy passes into the exhaust manifold instead of being used for building cylinder pressure.

TBH, from the comments, might be a good idea for you to put it back to OEM and make SURE you understand what you're doing, and what the data is telling you. Many things are different from the spark ignition for the compression ignition engine - for example, with the former rich is cooler but the latter rich is hotter.

David Ferguson thanks for pointing that out about ECT.......No the engine coolant temps are normal not low or high but normally where they are meant to be around 86 to 90 degrees.

Gord it might not even be nothing to do with timing but it feels down on power and i figured the ECU will pull timming to keep things safe like a petrol car but i am most likely wrong.

The car is pretty much stock besides a exhaust....It had a tune 4 years ago and was working perfectly with good medium EGT's not too hight not too low, also the car was very fuel efficient was doing 8.2 to 9.2 Liters to 100km for the past 4 years.......Now its consuming 10.4 to 12.7

also at wide open throttle i am running 160 degrees cooler..... i would normally get 480 to 610 degrees of EGT.....now i can get barely 440-460 max EGT's for a long pull.

Everything looks fine Boost targets are spot on with 0.5 seconds delay to actually get the VNT fins to take effect. boost is not fluctuating

i just don't know where to start looking I am so lost :( ....can anyone recommenced where too look ? also would there be any sensor for me to look into cleaning or faulty ?

It could be a lot of different things, like a restricted exhaust, air filter or the air feed to the filter housing, foulled injectors - fuel quality can vary and 'off brand' fuel filters may not be as good as desired, valve and/or ring leakage, etc.

What mileage (kilometerage) has it got?

Thanks Gord for replying i appreciate it......Yeah na its none of those..... i thought i was the fuel filter.....but i got it changed 2x and confirmed this by me opening it and chacking if ford services really did change it and it was new clean......Then i also checked the logs for FPR and its perfect i logged and checked commanded Vs acutely FPR.....exhaust is 3inch straight pipe......air filter is clean......cant be bad fuel always ? been like this for 1.5 years with this problem with at least 50 fuel tank fills

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