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Hi all now I no there is a differential pressure sensor either side of the dpf but the number I’m looking don’t make much sense to me any input would be appreciated

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The the -.58kpa could be believable at very low load or idle. The 300+ kpa (15psi) would be an extremely restrictive filter. We usually see pressure from 7-30 kpa at high load for reference. 30 kpa would have me concerned.


Thanks for the reply. So this is a stock hilux not tuned at all. Dpf light is on and these numbers were taken at idle that’s why they don’t make sense to me just making sure I am reading the right sensor

You may be able to disconnect the the two pressure lines and look at data with the sensor exposed to atmospheric pressure. Whichever sensor reads zero during that test would be the one to trust. You could even put regulated air (5 psi max) to one of the pressure lines and see how the reading on the scanner correlates.


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