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E98 / LWN 2.8l duramax tuning tips and tricks

Practical Diesel Tuning

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Hi there! I'm new to diesel tuning and own a 2019 duramax 2.8l colorado zr2. I recently purchased an efi live flashscan 3, and have already downloaded the base map, and tried to familiarize myself with the maps. I have also recently taken both of the diesel tuning courses and am a heavy equipment technician by trade, so I am not a complete newbie in the diesel world.

I want to keep an emissions compliant truck, and just coax out a few more torques for S's and G's. I know Nick is familiar with this platform, and any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

I plan on fitting an egt sensor and a bung for a wideband O2 sensor in the near future, and I will be renting some dyno time. But because dyno time is limited to 3 pulls, i'd like to have a good base map to flash before my second run (first being stock baseline obvs).

Once again, any assistance would be hugely appreciated!


You can start by adjusting the torque limiters, the commanded power tables, and by making sure your torque fuel maps are commanding the limit of the injection pulsewidth table. Understand that the 2.8l is a platform that we support at Duramaxtuner.com so sharing maps etc. is a conflict of interest. I'm happy to answer any specific questions you have.


Thanks Nick for getting back to me, and I totally appreciate your position. I have made some changes, and am pleased with the results so far.

Now that I have made some changes that I am happy with, i'd like to tune the transmission to match.

Can you give me some advice with where to start?

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