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Practical Diesel Tuning

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i am currently new to the custom tuning scene but not the diesel building scene. But in the past ive just been lazy and just chose the pre-configured box tuners. Now i got the funds up and purchased efi live flashscan as im a tried and true dodge cummins man but have always had a secret admiration for chevrolets duramax and wanted to be able to adjust either as i wheel and deal and change trucks often. Problem is now i have efi live i cant even tune my "1st sled puller" as for i chose a 2014 6.7l and efi live no longer includes the maps or pids to turn off egr or dpf. I was unaware and had already installed my delete kit prior to recieving and sold my emissons componets to recover some of cost of efi live and delete. Now ive taking your practical diesel tuning course to be able to understand the main concepts and theroy s so i could back my understanding of how it all works. I understand if you cant answer this question as if might be a liabilty for you in some way and i understand but i have no one to ask so here it is.

From my understanding efi live didnt actually take the maps im needing away but merely hid them so they could be in compliance with epa and can i still acess them in some way or form or would i only be able to with an older version of the efilive scan and tune software i will add i bought a v3 instead of a v2 so i cant use the 7.5 tune software. Is this where the scripting side of it or the command line funtions come into play? Or am i to have to buy complete new tuning package to achieve my goals? thanks in advance and also do yall have any videos or webinars on scripting?


None of the tuning software packages out in space will allow you front door access to do what you're referencing so it doesn't make a lot of sense to sell you EFILive. Unfortunately, for reasons that I'm sure you can imagine - we are not willing to extend our curriculum to that side of the industry.

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