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MAF scaling LLY 2005

Practical Diesel Tuning

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What would be the best approach to rescale a MAF sensor on a LLY 2005 engine. Has an K&N intake and filter installed and throwing a P0101 code.

The best 'cheap' approach I've seen involves holding the engine at steady state at idle and a few load/rpm points and noting the MAF report with the factory setup and then doing the same with the aftermarket box. Adjust the curve to true the aftermarket box to stock at said points and interpolate as best you can.

The best way to do it is on an airflow bench, which the aftermarket filter design team should use to build a curve for us mouth breathers who have to tune their junk :). That's unlikely to happen any time soon.


Thanks Nick, appreciate it. My best bet was to copy over the scaling from the LBZ since it seem like its pretty good scaled for this size of intake. I thought about using the same approach as on gasoline engines where you either use your wideband to see differences or the fuel trims to adjust but diesel is a complete difference principle.

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