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Max SOI Timing

Practical Diesel Tuning

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What would be the reason for the 1 Deg Max in the high fueling of 1400-1600 rpm also 2000 rpm is 4 Deg, using the 50/50 timing calculation the course teaches I get 8 Deg at 2000 rpm at 100mm3. I don't have a dyno to test changes but how much is being safe?




It looks to me like the factory is trying to protect you head gaskets. I wouldn't mess too much with the lower cells in 1400-2000 unless you've got upgraded internals, a cylinder pressure monitor or some other way to validate your changes.


Could it be that on high fueling areas 1400-200rpm SOI is retarded and more retarded = more heat in the cylinder, turbo spools due to the heat and exhaust flow, therefore more heat the turbo spools faster maybe?

Good thought Trim. If this were a performance calibration I would agree with that possibility.

With the Calibration being from a stock vehicle, and the vehicle likely having strict lambda limits it would be unlikely that the ECM would allow fueling of 70-100mm3 below 2000RPM unless there existed sufficient air to allow for stoichiometric combustion. In this case the turbo would most likely already be pretty well lit.


Thanks for the reply Nick. Yes, that’s probably right.

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