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Portable AFR sensor

Practical Diesel Tuning

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Would the AFR readings be of any use if I was to use an AFR sensor that is portable which will be clamped into the tail pipe on a diesel exhaust.

Also would a DPF change the AFR readings in the tail pipe also including a catylitic converter.

Looking at wanting to get a portable AFR sensor that I can place in the exhaust pipe to get readings in the machine/ vehicle hasn't got an EGT probe.

Also from what I have learnt (correct me if I am wrong also please) is that it's better remapping using the lambda/ AFR readings than it is using the EGT.

Both is better though.

Looking forward to what you suggest.


Jacked up 4x4 servicing

DOC will not effect the AFR reading a lot. EGR is more of a thing that could effect the EFR reading al do most lambda units can read only from 22 AFR and lower so the whole top section you can not read but not really needed for performance use.

Now here is the thing with a AFR reading. What can your engine and fuel set-up handle. Low quantity of injection and that include older fuel systems as well can smoke and produce hi EGT @ fairly hi AFR numbers around 16 to 17 AFR where on last generation engines we can run lambda 0.98 if the engine is build for it that is. Personally I would for the EGT reading as you can see smoke and HI EGT can do harm to your engine. you could still use the AFR sensor so you get a reference on things when making changes to get a better picture of it all.

Thank you Ruud

So I would be better using EGT to monitor the adjustments on the tune & also protect the turbo from melt down.

If this is the case, would you have any suggestions on how I could mount an EGT probe without welding a socket into the dump pipe from the turbo.

I was think of using a clamp on probe to the pipe if possible. I know this will not give me a true 100% accurate reading but will give me an indication.

I know the temp readings will be alot lower than what they are inside the pipe.

I am welcome to any suggestions for monitoring the EGT temps & also the AFR/ Lambda.

Use something like this https://www.aftermarketecushop.com/product/328534/egt-sensor-0-tot-1250oc only drill a small hole and if EGT is not needed plug it with a 5mm bolt no welding needed.

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