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Questions about tuning for purpose - race/tow/mileage/etc

Practical Diesel Tuning

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First off, thank you for the amazing course! I'm completely new to this and only wish to tune my own truck. Not a profession for me. And this has taken me way beyond any other material or forums ever had. And after watching all twice, I'm still slightly unsure if I really grasp something.

My question is in regards to tuning for purpose and how best to approach it. I apologize if I don't ask this exactly right.

In the worked 2005 lly example you get roughly 100hp from it. The first change made, by increasing 100 TPS in Throttle Based Inj Quantity 5-6%, nets roughly 20hp theoretically.

IF you were going for a tow tune (say 10k+ behind the truck through mountains) you may only want a 20hp increase. Would it be best to just make this first change to Thottle Based Inj Q, smooth, and be done with it? Or would it be better to instead only increase the 100 TPS say... 3%, and then make similar other changes to Main Inj Pulse, Inj Timing Base, etc. to make up the difference? (Making sure limiters are moved in all necessary areas for either option)

If either way is acceptable, is one option better than the other? More granularity to refine during logging maybe? And if I'm completely missing the concept here, please enlighten me.




Thanks for the feedback on the course, I'm glad you found it useful.

With regard to your question. I would suggest using 'throttle based fuel injection quantity' (TBIQ) table until you've exhausted it before moving on to adjusting the pulsewidth. You may need to massage some of your torque limiters to reach your mm3 fueling targets.

If you can get there without modifying the pulsewidth you should be fine to run factory boost/timing/fuel pressure #s.

Hope this is helpful,


Thank you for the response! I will do just that and see where it leaves me. Appreciate it!

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