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Warp tuning and fixed geometry turbo

Practical Diesel Tuning

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I'm using warp tuning to right tune files for my truck. The truck is a 2014 ram that I recently swapped from a 68rfe to a manual. No matter how I set up the torque request the engine has almost no response and is extremely sluggish. Torque limits are off or raised and de rates are off. Most of the time the load request never goes over 30 percent. It's like it's constantly defueling. I've reach out to some people and they said it could be a turbo speed derate. Which there is no map or parameter in warp for. Has anyone had experience with this? I've thought about just zeroing the turbo speed axis out on the comp ratio map. Any help is appreciated.

It's looking like I'm going to need to write a custom definition file for it. Would anyone like to share how to do this? Is there a list of parameter names I can use? I understand about half on how to do it but still have some questions.

I was told by mm3 that there is a way to set up warp tuning parameters to work with a fixed geometry turbo. Does anyone have any experience with this. I have tried everything I can think of. However it still is only getting 30 percent load request because of the turbo speed derate.

Is the truck actively setting any DTC's?

There was only one but I turned it off in warp. U010C loss of communication with turbocharger control module. Which is normal i assume, because there is no can coming from the turbo controller anymore. No others though.

Turbo overspeed de-rate becomes active once the turbo speed PID indicates 130,000RPM or higher shaft speed. If you log that PID and see a shaft speed over 130K then you can likely assume that's the issue. I would imagine that without the speed sensor hooked up you're probably not reporting any turbo speed, but the data logger will tell the truth. This is a process of elimination strategy.


The turbo speed is reading 0. Is there any parameters for any specific derates. Or any you suggest I look at. I looked through the ones available in the logger and they all looked normal. I'm only getting 30 percent load request and the engine takes forever to rev. It will command 50 percent load at 100 percent pedal. Thank you for your help so far though.

There's a fuel control PID (FUELCTRL) that I use in EFILive scan tool to identify what process in in control of the fuel rate. If you tell me the value of that PID in de-rate, I may be able to tell you what system is in control.

At idle the fuel control state is 11 and the torque mode is 0. Driving the truck with any pedal percent past 0. The fuel control state is 7 and the torque control is 1. I went back to an auto calibration and other then the obvious codes and defueling the torque request was normal.

These are the definitions for the two states you've shared.

1 is normal for idle

7 - ASG (All Speed Governor) governor state - Variable speed governor must be selected

So the wrong governor is selected in the tune file? Do you happen to have a list of the fuel and torque modes you would be willing to share?

Sorry, the last post was not quite clear. The "variable speed governor must be selected" line is a copy paste from the fuel control state document. I didn't write that. I'm not exactly sure what it means.

Just to be clear, fuel control state 7 is what you're seeing while flooring the accelerator pedal?

Okay yea I was a little lost. But yes any pedal position but idle it's at 7.

Sorry that wasn't very clear. Driving the truck at any pedal position the fuel mode is 7. And torque mode is 1. I've been searching for a list for definitions for the modes with no luck.

Very good. Just to be clear this is what the Cummins literature says about mode seven (you won't find anything better). The question now is, does it being in mode 7 tell us anything? I'm not near my database of log files from CME trucks so I can't tell you off hand if mode 7 is odd or not.

7 - ASG (All Speed Governor) governor state - Variable speed governor must be selected

Okay to be honest I believe this is a calibration issue. It seems there might be a torque limiting table that is not in warp. When I program the stock file back onto the truck it operates as it should.

You have tuned more vehicles then I ever will. What is your opinion on warp vs efi. Im thinking about going to efi.

If it runs on the stock file, you're in luck. It's basically a process of elimination at this point. When you find the modified table/parameter that's causing the issue you owe us an update ;)

Let this be a lesson to everyone else reading to Try the Stock File in these circumstances! :)


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