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Dimension Help

3D Modeling & CAD for Motorsport

Relevant Module: Solid Modelling Basics > Patterns and Mirrored Features

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Having trouble with the Dimensions on the Pedal for some reason I click the same points he does in the tutorial but the dimensions want to go to the angled line on the pedal and not straight up and down am I selecting something wrong? I feel like this should be the easy part


Hi Kyle,

Just depends where you move your mouse after selecting the points.

If you pull it out to the side it'll give vertical or up to the top or bottom will give horizontal dimension.

But in some cases there will be an in between part were you'll get the shortest distance between the points. Being on an angle.

Have a play around and it will make sense.

So I understand that and I just got it once to realize it was on the wrong plane I put it on the correct plane with the front of the pedal and it goes back to not giving me the right places to dimension even after going straight up with the mouse I feel like it shouldn't be this difficult and I must just be doing one small thing wrong

So I finally figured it out. I guess I had the 3d sketch selected and that was causing my issue since it was trying to take from several planes. I caught it by going back to the lesson and making sure every option you had selected was the same. Hopefully this helps someone else when they read this it held me up for days but now that I figured it out I feel much better thanks for all the help

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