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Motec able to do pit timing?

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Is the motec able to replicate the function of a vbox pit lane timer via a math channel?



I'm not familiar with the vbox function but time the pit speed limiter is enabled seems an easy way to do it. That said, without knowing your goal in the measurement, I don't know if that would give you the data you're wanting. Let us know what specifically would be of best use to you in terms of identifying when to start and end the time?

Hi James,

If you are using a MoTeC dash then there's quite a few ways you can go about this depending on what you're trying to achieve.

If you are using GPS position based lap timing then additional markers for pit entry and pit exit can be configured in the venue.

Using these markers you can start and end a timer.

I would need to know a bit more about what exactly you're trying to achieve so I can help further.

Hi OMS and Mike,

Thanks for your help so far. This is a link to the product with a summary of the functions I am trying to replicate in the Motec. I have also included a link to a video showing how it works in practice.



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