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Aggressive cam and closed loop ?!

Practical Reflash Tuning

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If I fit an aggressive cam that requires a richer Mixture at idle and cruising where the ecu by default is always commanding a lambda of 1.0 due to closed loop and the power enrichment table values are just for the open loop operation .

Is it possible to set the ecu to always command a richer lambda In closed loop other than lambda of 1.0 ?

or is it possible to stay in closed loop in the first place ?

How to address this problem when faced with such scenario ?

Thank you

Exactly what engine is this and what are the mods? What tuning software? Sounds like a GM LSx engine of some sort with HP Tuners. Is that correct?

In most instances closed loop is only going to be able to target lambda 1.0. The majority of factory cars are still predominantly equipped with narrow band sensors (although this is changing), which are only accurate at stoich and hence can't be used to target anything different. If you've got a serious engine with a very aggressive cam you may be best to tune in open loop.

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