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Practical Reflash Tuning

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does anyone have any experience with this system? the map editor is completely away from what i am used to. i just cant seem to work it out. i have emailed the owners/creators of the software till im blue in the face and they are not keen on helping me in anyway shape or form with navigating the map editor and tables. They wont even tell me what some of the map units are used in the tables. its like its some kind of closely guarded secret or as if im going to be stealing business off them or something but im just not happy putting one of their generic off the shelf maps created on US fuel on to my UK car. i wouldnt mind doing this if i could go in and alter the timing and boost but the maps are all locked, encryted and unable to view. If you want to change anything you have to completely start a fresh on a stock n55 map and its so unfamiliar for me using torque requests etc without any guidance that i dont even want to chance it. pretty poor service tbh but motec/syvecs etc have nothing available yet



must be someone surely?

Hi James

A friend has picked up a bmw and wants me to tune it so after reading some of your description of the software on another post it sounds pretty capable.

Does it have a comprehensive data logger with it?

Do you have the laptop pc version or tablet/phone

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