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configure base tune / maf

Practical Reflash Tuning

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if i am wanting to remove the bypass valve and instead use a box valve how does that effect the MAF scale. its my understanding that the ecu is expecting a certain amount of air coming from the bypass valve that will no longer be recycled back in the intake. would that just shift the scale to the left? less volts?

Hello Jessie,

Have you got a bit more context, vehicle, ECU, reflash SW etc. so we can target our response a little better.

assuming the bypass you're referring to is boost re-circulation...

Depending on where the re-circulation valve deposits into; pre or post MAF sensor the ECU will do different things. If it dumps into the intake upstream of the MAF then there should be no real issue as the MAF will measure flow rate regardless of where it comes from.

If it dumps post post MAF then there must be a sensor/actuator to control a fuel/ignition modifier based on something like the recirc. valve duty cycle etc. but his will be engine specific so a little more information is needed to answer your question fully.

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