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edm 03 sti going rich

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Hi guys

I am having a very strange problem with an edm 03 sti with gt3076

I have tuned the car with both maf and speed density (carberry)

both times as soon as i do a pull into 5th gear or even start from 5th the car goes rich

1-4 gear afr is around 11.5-11.7 (using methanol)

5th gear car goes 10.5

i cant find any compensation tables for gear

It is the same load and boost in both gears so what else could it be ?????

If you're seeing the same load and rpm but the engine is significantly richer in a high gear then I'd imagine it is due to a compensation table. What does your IAT do during the run? The problem you may have is that there may be a compensation table that isn't defined so you can't see it. This is a common frustration with reflashing factory ECUs. I'm not familiar with this particular rom so unfortunately can't comment further. I'd be logging every parameter that could influence the fuel calculation, as well as the actual injector pulse width to try and identify the issue.

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