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ford ipc adujstments for a base tune from NA to a procharger application.

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Hi! I'm new to tuning. I've been working on modifying my car 2017 ford mustang 3.7l v6 from NA to forced induction by making the necessary modifications to add a procharger p1sc to it. My instalation is now finished and it's time to tune my car.

After completing the modules in the practical re-flashing course and the hptuners ford worked example I have a couple of questions regarding the IPC adjustments in the base file. In particular regarding the 2 following tables:

Torque Model -> Monitoring -> IPC -> Torque Maximun

IPC Torque Maximum vs. Engine RPM vs. Load: This is the absolute maximum torque for the IPC

Coming from NA to FI should this table be adjusted to account for an increase in engine torque?

Torque Model -> Monitoring -> IPC -> MAP Maximun

Coming from NA to forced induction should this table be adjusted to account for an increase in MAP from the boost?

Should both of this tables be re-normalized on the load axis?



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While that engine platform is not my specialty, I would expect a need to alter tables related to both expected torque, and maximum allowed torque, in areas you wouldn't have previously encountered in naturally aspirated form.

As you mentioned, that would involve rescaling since you'll need to enter z axis data for load axis values beyond what previously existed.

Sometimes it helps to take a 2d view at table data to see which axes values are least valuable because data trends in a linear fashion in that area, so you know which values you can remove without losing significant accuracy. For example if 3 rows in a row look like a straight line in 2d view, you likely don't need the middle row and can delete it, shift everything up, then make use of the row at the bottom of the table that you've just freed up.

Again, sorry this engine platform isn't my specialty, but I hope that gives some ideas based on the general concept and workflow. Please let us know how it goes.

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