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Practical Reflash Tuning

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Hi Sir, How can I add the MAF on my histogram in relation to MAF calibration. Thanks.

If you're meaning the histogram I use to adjust the MAF sensor calibration then please see the attached screenshot. You need to configure a new histogram and set the parameter you're scanning to 'EQ Ratio Error'. This requires you to have a wideband input coming into the scanner that's accurate. You can then set the column parameter to 'Mass Airflow Frequency' and set the break points to match your MAF calibration table.

Let me know if you need more help.

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What about if I don't have wide band?

If you aren't using a wideband you're not going to be able to log EQ error. You could log the sum of the STFT and LTFT into this histogram instead but this is not as accurate as a wideband. You also can only use this input in closed loop too so it's not going to help you dial in the MAF calibration in PE.

I will try to hook up the wide band on our mustang dyno. That's why I already set up my Histogram as what looks like same as you but there's no numbers appearing. Or for the meantime how can I use the STFT AND LTFT for this EQ error?

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Hi Sir , Now I got set-up my Histogram for VE using LTFT and STFT and even Histogram for MAF

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