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Practical Reflash Tuning

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Will be using s300. Im told the training I take here can be applied to s300 as well. I've gotten done with the first course and I was worried since I didn't fully understand some thing.. well most.. but I checked out some of the other classes and I don't think any of it will help me in terms of getting used to hondata s300.. im going to be tuning a 95 honda accord f23a block and f22a non vtec head so I should only use the low cam tuning side of things right? And fuel table as well I would think.. so the hondata kpro they showed didn't really help me much.. im really worried.. I did put alot of money into this but maybe it takes a bit more time for me and im just thinking too much.. I will be going through the lessons from start to finish in order it shows, to see if that helps me understand some more of the lessons and things I need to learn.. I hope so.. I really hope so.. I eat sleep cars so I need to get this down.. my passion is to great to just quit!

I would read every page of the Hondata S300 Help website. Hondata S300 Website

Note you have to double-click the top-level links on the left to reveal the sub-topics.

Once I had a general understanding of EFI functionality, the details of working with the Hondata (channel names, how to use commands and features) were covered well (I thought).

I'm what you call a slow learner.. or a more show by example type of learner.. I wish there was some way I can get a tutor to do a one on one live tuning or example tuning with me so I can ask him or her questions as we look at the program.. with just watching someone explain things that he is doing gets me confused, as I don't fully understand what he is doing and what some things mean.. like stoich afr.. and I think I might have a little bit of understanding of lambda now.. a lambda of 1.05 and if I needed to get it to lambda 1.00 I would take 5 percent of fuel out??.. but im not quitting.. I don't think i ever will quit trying to learn this.. my love for cars is to great. Thanks for the help and I will be sure to check out that link once I get through with all my classes.

Lower lambda is richer. So to get from Lambda 1.05 to Lambda 1.0, you will add 5% fuel. Cool part about using a Lambda target of 1.0, is you can just use the Lambda value you measure as the correction. So in your example multiply your fuel table number by 1.05. If you measured Lambda 0.95, then multiply your table by 0.95

Where are you located? Perhaps someone could use TeamViewer with you while you tune the car, and answer questions you have.

Yes that would be a great way! Tea viewer sounds great! I'm from Idaho, USA. I would just want to see an example of how to get started from first turning on the car and setting larger injectors for a turbo on a n/a car

Hi Vutha, unfortunately we don't offer one on one training. Our model simply isn't set up for this and we don't have the resources to do it justice. From your comment about stoich AFR I'd actually suggest you take a step back and revisit the EFI Tuning Fundamentals course. It's really important that you have this knowledge locked down and completely understood before jumping into the actual tuning courses otherwise you're likely to end up confused and frustrated. How did you go on the quiz?

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