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Hey Andre,

I am trying to street tune a simple k24 with rsx type s pistons bored over .5 with a stock k20a2 head. Now my question is how do you tune the timing? I have no dyno to measure torque when adding and subtracting timing? Thanks

You can attempt something like a Virtual Dyno (calculating power and torque with software), but good luck with that. Are there no shops with any kind of dyno within a few hours drive of where you live?

In all honesty this is not an engine I'd recommend road tuning. The ignition timing is really the leats of your concerns but more importantly you're going to really struggle mapping the cam target map without a dyno. You may be interested to check the worked example we recently added to the practical reflash tuning course on the KPro with a K20a.

The other aspect with the K20 is that depending on your fuel quality and compression ratio you may find you're not knock limited. This can end up with you having the timing over advanced.

Thanks for the advice!!! I have found a shop that rents out their dyno.

Perfect! Good luck with it all.