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Hoping for input from more experienced learners ... Jaguar XF/ DENSO ECU

Practical Reflash Tuning

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Hi everyone. I'm very new to reflash tuning and hoping to get some experienced input.

I am using ECM Titanium and WinOLS. I've got an A2L file and reference Binary. I've got ECU Titanium Drivers for my ECU and the A2L binary. The maps identified by the ECM Titanium Drivers are slightly different for each binary.

Within WinOLS I have been able to identify most of the maps according to the A2L.

That seems useful but I'm still trying to figure out the purpose of all these maps. It seems like this is a torque based ECU? Do these maps look similar to any other makes? Ford? GM?

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If anybody is listening ... I'm comparing the two ECU Binaries in ECM Titanium and these Air Quantity Base Maps seem to have a different axis definitions.

The values seem close enough that I'd guess they were describing the same data but the axis values don't seem to match.

Any thoughts?

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You are in the deep end. I can't imaging taking that on without detailed documentation for the tables, or knowledge of the algorithms that use them.

I understand what you mean Dave. I've got a map reference file (Damos/A2L?), but I haven't come across a single document that describes what to "tune" with this ECU. There are a bunch of conversations in the forums about removing or upping speed and torque limiters. There's a guy here in San Diego that I reached out to hoping to learn. He didn't really seem to want to share.

I used an online tuner called "Viezu" to get a few different versions of tunes. I'm using them for reference along with AlienTech drivers. It's still clear as mud.

I did my first reflash today. Some later Jaguars with the Bosch ECU have a Flex-Fuel Option and can run E85 fuel. I want to be able to use E85 in my 2012 Denso ECU Jaguar. Not sure I was successful, but it's now running on E85. No CEL. Trims need some work but it's running hard.

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