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Hello brothers, so i have a 2005 manual trans holden monaro which is pontiac gto in the US, the bad thing about this car that it comes with multiple engine , throttle body , and ECU options depending on the region or the market. anyways mine is an LS1 p59 controller and 78mm electronic throttle body all from the factory.


BTR stage 2 cam, 90 mm gm ls3 throttle body (gold blade) , X-link 8-6 pins throttle adapter , fast 102 intake, 243 heads ported, polished , and milled , kooks headers, xforce exhaust.

the car pulls very hard (429 whp), but the main issue is idle, it idles very well when u are at stop, u press the throttle and the RPM goes up and comes back nicely with or without AC. but when u drive the car lets say u are coming to a stop it dies , or if u are holding the RPM lets say at 3000 on third gear, hold the clutch it dies, maf and ve seems good . my idle air adapt is very close to zero , i just wanted to know what modification should be done regarding the 90 mm throttle body , is there any thing to do with the (ETC area scaler) or IAC steps vs effective area table ? am lost and i tried every thing , if i miss with the scaler the idle hangs alot and it rarely die but the hanging is annoying , i go and reduce the cracker it dies , raise it little it hangs, after multiple write calibration and missing with the scaler and cracker the whole tune is missed up and even if i return everything as before it does not work. i have to do a write entire to force the previous tune, i am very sorry i know its confusing but am fed up , any help is appreciated

Attached is the tune file.

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