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K24 kpro timing issue

Practical Reflash Tuning

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The car is a boosted k24 on e85 I have the ignition table setup to be about 16degrees under boost at 12psi but on my log I found the ecu was showing 24degrees and the log shows it on the 16 degree box but it’s clearly reading 24 in the log it’s not getting any error codes

any ideas on why this could happen?

Are you sure the timing was ignition timing and not cam timing?

Yes it was ignition timing for sure I doubled checked my self a few times I went through the ignition comp tables and looked for anything odd aswell nothing stood out to me

Is your ECU one of the ones that has multiple ignition tables, one for each 10 degrees of cam angle at each of Vtec Hi and Vtec Low? Have you logged cam angle and Vtec status to make sure your on the table you expect?

Yes it has multiple tables currently it’s setup with all the tables at the same timing and I was using the edit all tables function to start dialing in the fueling and I was reviewing the log and noticed the timing at 24 degrees I didn’t catch it on the pull I was too focused on the lambda at the time

The head was just put back on this engine is there any chance is could be a tooth out of time but not throw a cam code?

What ems?

Hondata kpro 4

I believe I have found the issue when the exhaust cam was degreed in this engine the ex cam phaser plate was not modified the phaser plate is a few degrees off from where it would sit with a oem cam gear and this would also be more affected due to the head and block being decked

I’m gona mod the cam phaser plate to so it’s back in the correct location and see what happens in positive it will correct the issue

I'd suggest posting your map and a log. I don't believe your cam position pickup is your issue unfortunately as that sensor is only used for sync and the timing is still defined based on the crank sensor. If the cam position sync input had moved sufficiently to cause a real issue you'd likely find the engine simply wouldn't run and you'd have a DTC.


im uploading the map and log now if you see anything that cause it please let me know i was working on the fueling when i noticed this issue so i stopped the tune untill this issue was fixed

ps the tps drop off was not an error i let off for a second and got back in it

i have another log that shows it still keeping the timing at 24 all the way to 8000rpm I just have to edit the file size down

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