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Lag in 2nd gear manual between 2000/3000rpmrpm

Practical Reflash Tuning

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Hi my car was tuned before i started this course.

I have a vy ss 5.7 side mount supercharger.

I have some lag between 2000/3000rpm , where do I start looking to fix this issue.

I'm using HP Tuners thanks.

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Hi Aleks, it would be best to start by creating a log of the problem so we can see what's actually happening. In particular make sure you're logging ignition timing, knock retard, commanded AFR and measured (wideband) AFR.

Is this the one your after

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Hello Aleks this map looks very flat in the ignition area curve. im istint tells me you need to add more ignition timing but with caution

Ok, I will give it ago thanks

Hi I tried adding more ignition timing , but the lag is still there. it shutters/lag. whats the next step i should look at thank you

Will i need to look at the fuel Siide of it

Will i need to look at the fuel Siide of it

Will i need to look at the fuel Siide of it

What do i do, can anyone help me. I cant learn if theres no help.

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