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Reflash Tuning MAF and Wide Open Throttle Fuel Injection without AFR Target Tables

Practical Reflash Tuning

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Dear Andre and HPA, I have had success with tuning my car recently. A few questions came up as it took me a very long time to achieve great results. My ECU does not have an AFR Target Table in AFR/Lambda. I cannot set a fixed AFR/Lambda value for MAF Scaling at Wide Open Throttle. During MAF Scaling, it took over 14 trials to get it right. I drove may car at Wide Open Throttle for a ton, ton of trials. Does anyone have any ideas on how to possibly make this process faster when there is no AFR Target Table in AFR or Lambda? Also, could it be possible to achieve a target lambda goal when the MAF Scaling is off or has errors? If so, what would this look or behave like?

On a side note, I switched to a high power ignition system and found my AFR became almost 10% leaner on the top end. This was great and I have since made the adjustments for it to reach .88 Lambda. Time to move onto E85!

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