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Reflashing , help

Practical Reflash Tuning

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On the vcm software , ( scanning a " ford EDGE " car ) , it gave me for the maff calibration table the maf by volts , from 0 to 5 volts

what table should i create for this . ?

So the MAF calibration in the ECU is volts vs air flow in X Units?

I would create a histogram in the scanner to log air flow in the units used in the MAF table.

I haven't tuned a Ford Edge before, if you would like to post up your map or a screen shot of the table you're talking about it maybe a little easier for me to help.

I have created a hystogram , for the mass air flow in volts , to clarify the errors , but it is not showing

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Have you added the channel to your main channels list?

Before it will log the values in a histogram you must add the channel (MAF volts) to your channel list.

See attached photo of where this needs to be added.

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I didnt add it , i will add it , thank you alot chris . One of a kind . Thanks alot

No worries Mosto, happy to help :)

No worries Mosto, happy to help :)

Chris , hey , how are you , i need to ask you something ,

i was tuning 2JZ engine on a Mazda RX7, with a link G4+ plug in ECU ( TS 2JZ ).

while am tuning, the fuel map, the cursor is staying on ZERO load, and its not oceanating between the boost and the vacuum cells, and when i press on the throttle it stays on ZERO but it goes up with the RPM on ZEROS.

X axis MGP Y axis RPM

what do you think is the problem?

And i have calibrated the MAP sensor several times.

kindly advice,

thank you.

Sounds to me like either, you don't have a map sensor hose connected or maybe the sensor is on a different Analogue channel to what you have setup?

Go into your run time list and see what voltage the map sensor shows etc.

Alternatively if you're still having issues put up a log file and your tune file and I will have a look.

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